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Money and Career Coaching for Professional Millennial Women

Let's identify what’s keeping you stuck and create a plan to help you get to where you deserve to be.


On the way there, we’ll pinpoint the actions you need to take to reach your big, audacious goals, provide you with accountability to keep you on track, and help you course-correct when life inevitably throws you a curve ball.


AncHER® Away

A customized 12-month coaching program that will help you transform your relationship with money and your career so you can live a truly fulfilling life.

AncHER's Away




Career and money are deeply intertwined. Most of us wouldn't have one without the other. But all too often, we think of them as separate things.

“If I could just get that promotion,” you think, “I’d be better with money.”


“If I just make a bit more money, I could finally have more career options that make me happy.”

“I have to decide between a job I enjoy and making enough money to reach my goals—I can’t have both.”

You can have both. Let us show you how. Here’s what you can expect over 12 months of working together:

01  /  Uncovering Your Story 



Everyone has a unique money story that is shaped by their upbringing, their experiences, and their memories of money.


And our money stories deeply influence the way we think about money, the way we use money, and the things we believe about money.


By uncovering your money story, you can:


  • Identify harmful money habits that are preventing you from making the progress you want to.

  • Make intentional choices with your money that move you forward.

  • Write a new money story that empowers you to make informed decisions.

At the same time, everyone has a career story that influences what they believe about their capabilities as a professional and what they deserve in the workplace. And oftentimes, your money story and your career story are interwoven.


Therefore, we’ll also spend the first couple of months discovering what’s holding you back in your career and why.


We’ll help you identify the exact strides you want to accomplish, whether that’s:


  • Earning a salary that pays you what you’re worth.

  • Achieving a promotion that challenges you and helps you grow. 

  • Making a career pivot that uses your skills in the best way possible.

02 / Assessing Your Current State

Even if you’re making a decent income, are you still struggling to make ends meet? Or maybe you’ve landed “the job of your dreams,” but you’re feeling stagnant in your career.


Our goal is to help you change this! Before you can truly move forward, you need to examine where you are in your career, what’s going on with your money, and why. 

We’ll identify your limiting beliefs about your professional self, understand where your money is going, and figure out if your money and career are truly aligned in your life.

03 / Envisioning Your Future

After we’ve spent time uncovering your story and assessing your current state, it’s time to envision your future! 


This step in the program is all about dreaming big


It’s time to imagine your ideal life so you don’t have to spend one more day wondering when it’s all going to get better. We’ll make sure your future goals are determined by your core values and your “why.” 


And we’ll continue working to understand your mindset around money and career so you can make meaningful adjustments going forward. 

Throughout the year, you’ll have the chance to invest in your education regarding all things money and career. 

To name a few, you’ll learn about:

  • Resumes

  • Using LinkedIn

  • Salary negotiations

  • Interviewing

  • Spending plans

  • Identifying debt 

  • Debt elimination strategies

  • Investing basics

  • Employee benefits

  • Credit reports

And so much more!

05 / Learning

04 / Strategizing

Over several months, we’ll help you develop the skills and strategies you need to make decisions that are in alignment with your personality, your values, and your future vision.


Using what we’ve learned in earlier months, we help you connect the behavioral aspects of money and career choices with the actual decisions you’re making so you can create real change.


We also use our understanding of what’s holding you back to strategize the best ways to get you past those roadblocks. 

06 / Applying Your Strategies

Nothing in this program is hypothetical—and we’re not going to leave you stranded. 


We’ll teach you how to apply everything you’ve learned and ensure you know exactly what actions you need to take to make your future vision a reality. 


Additionally, we’ll coach you through how to take these actions (especially the ones that give you butterflies!) so you don’t end up stuck at a standstill.


After all, action is where the magic happens!

07 / Staying on Course

Even the best plans can’t account for every possibility, and it’s inevitable that you’re going to encounter some roadblocks. 


That’s okay!


We’ll be with you every step of the way to help you course-correct as needed or make changes to your plan.

08 / Celebrate!

While this work is ongoing, you’ll have made huge strides in just 12 months. 


And that, my friend, is something worth celebrating. 🎉

Maintenance Packages

Sometimes we benefit best from ongoing support and accountability. Once you’ve completed our yearlong program, you have the option to sign up for a monthly program for continuing support in money and career coaching.


A monthly coaching package can help you stick to your focused plan and continue making the best decisions for your future.


With ongoing money and career coaching, you’ll receive:


  • Focused attention to help you continue making strides toward your goals

  • Recommendations and strategies to help you enjoy lasting changes

  • Ongoing support and accountability to help you stay on track and course-correct when necessary


You can choose to work with us for however long you need: 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, or 12 months!

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