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We provide money and career coaching to millennial women so they can craft a life they absolutely love...

If you’re dreaming of finding peace, progress, and clarity even during times of transition, you’re in just the right place.


At AncHER , you can expect a personal and values-focused approach to making decisions about your money and career.


We start with you—plain and simple.

Your story, your struggles, and the circumstances or beliefs that are keeping you small. We help you define your values, vision, priorities, and goals in concrete terms. And together, we chart the course between where you are now and the life you know you’re capable of achieving. We determine what needs to happen so you can get there and we’re right there with you on your journey.

When you work with us, you’ll discover:

What’s keeping you from moving forward

What’s in your control (and what’s not)

What decisions you’re currently making and why

What you need to change

What you need to keep doing the same

What decisions you should make—and in what order—to help you reach your big, audacious dreams

And at AncHER®, you will always understand why you’re doing the things you’re doing and how to do them so you can finally make the progress you’re ready to see.


You deserve everything that you desire.

You're not sure how to make it all happen but you know you’re ready for more


What's important to you, is important to usPlain and simple.

Our mission at AncHER® is to help millennial women perfectly align their money and career decisions with their goals and values to live a secure, thriving, and abundant life.


Our relationships are built on mutual trust and respect. Your goals are ours, and everything you share with us is—and always will be—private and confidential.


The decisions we make around money and careers are deeply rooted in past experiences. We explore these roots with curiosity and openness.


Money and career choices are profoundly personal. We do our best work together when you’re willing and able to be vulnerable.


Limiting beliefs keep us small. We assist with the mindset work to uncover and pushing back your limiting beliefs.

Hi, I'm Khiara. Your cheerleader, coach, and Founder of AncHER  .


Together, we can achieve more. More clarity around your finances. More fulfillment in your career. More flexibility in your life. 

But before we get started, here's a little more about me and how I got here...

I'm a millennial.
I'm a mom.
I have big dreams.
Meet Khiara

And truth is, I'm not so different from you.

When I graduated college, I had a teensy bit of sticker shock when it came to managing my household bills for the first time. I didn’t realize just how far $50,000 a year doesn’t go in a city like Atlanta. 


To me, that starting salary sounded great. $50,000 a year! If that’s what they’re paying, it must be enough to live on—right?


Wrong. At least, not without a solid plan. And for me, that meant my money and career needed to be in alignment. 

Fortunately, I broke free of all that stress and confusion. I defined my biggest priorities and started to make changes in my daily life that aligned with those values. I gained the courage and skills to negotiate my worth in my job (and eventually pivoted to a different, more fulfilling career entirely). I stopped spending on things that weren’t bringing me joy—and started spending on things that were.

Fast forward a little to now, I’m happy in my career. I'm a mom. And I'm expecting some pretty significant transitions to take place in my life in the next decade. 

And I’m still doing mindset work so I can fully understand my money story and be intentional about every decision I make.


But I’ve got tools in my back pocket that have fast-tracked my progress. In addition to my education and background, I have certifications in the following areas:

Career Management Coach

Certified Executive and Leadership Development Coach

Certified Money Coach®

Certified Financial Planner® (in training, but still cannot offer investment advice)


Now, I'm sharing those tools with you to cultivate the same levels of peace, clarity, and fulfillment that I have around my money and my career.

I cannot wait to help you achieve it. Are you ready for more?

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