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4 Reasons I Became a Money and Career Coach for Professional Millennial Women Like You

Updated: May 8, 2023

There’s no doubt that discovering your life’s purpose can bring you direction, clarity, and fulfillment. Figuring out what makes you feel empowered and motivated can be life-changing. Uncovering our purpose can create a laser-focused mindset and a deep feeling of contentment.

But how exactly do we get there?

As professional millennial women, we face many demands every day. We have relationships to foster, money to earn, a future to save for, families to raise, and our physical and mental health to attend to. We are constantly pulled in different directions, yearning to make the right decisions, but feeling unclear on how to do it.

So how did I get to where I am today? I became a money and career coach for professional millennial women because, at the height of 2020, I was at a pivotal moment in my career when I found out I was pregnant with my first child. I felt stuck, not knowing how to navigate my personal goals, family life, finances, and career opportunities.

I wanted to share what I learned from this experience so I could help other women feel more confident about their own money and career decisions. I felt called to create something that didn’t exist to help professional women navigate their careers and money together.

Here are four reasons why I became a money and career coach:

  1. Money and career are deeply connected

  2. Professional millennial women have unique challenges

  3. Having a crystal clear plan changes your life

  4. I’ve been in your shoes

1. Money and Career Are Deeply on Connected

Your money story, which is influenced by your cultural background, upbringing, experiences, and economic status, impacts the decisions you make in regard to your chosen profession. Likewise, your career story, including your career aspirations, challenges, experiences, and achievements, directly affects your finances. You can’t have one without the other.

Uncovering these two stories and discovering how they influence one another brings valuable insight. You can discover clarity, reduce stress, improve your decision-making, and create a sense of direction and security when you weigh your career choices alongside your financial ones.

There are plenty of money coaches out there who can teach you about creating spending plans, savings strategies, and investment knowledge. And there are career coaches who will provide guidance and support with job searches, resumes, interview preparation, and salary negotiation.

But there aren’t many people who will marry these two pieces of your life together and holistically coach you through both.

2. Professional Millennial Women Have Unique Challenges

I’m acutely aware of the unique challenges millennial women have because I have faced them myself. I know that many millennial women are facing:

  • High childcare costs

  • Large amounts of student loan debt

  • Societal pressures

  • Gender pay gaps

  • The pressure of balancing career and family responsibilities

On top of these hurdles, there are practical things we need to learn such as crafting a will and estate plan and deciding the best allocation for a 529 college savings plan. These significant decisions can cause strain on our already overwhelmed brains.

Driven, professional millennial women need someone who can understand their overwhelm, address their concerns holistically, and share a similar perspective.

A few years ago, when I was faced with these unique challenges, big decisions in my career, and uncertainty in my finances, I wish I had someone to turn to for advice and direction. I decided to become a money and career coach so I could help millennial women like myself make balanced and holistic decisions despite the difficulties.

3. Having a Crystal Clear Plan Changes Your Life

You made all the right decisions. You got the degree, landed the dream job, and started your adult life. But after a few weeks or months… you don’t feel fulfilled and happy. And worse yet, you have no idea which step to take next.

I became a money and career coach to help more women become active designers of their ideal life.

When you have an objective money and career coach who can help you navigate the choices in front of you and ensure you understand the why behind all the decisions you make, you’re freer to enjoy your life. You can create the lifestyle you desire, say no to a job opportunity that doesn’t align with your family goals, travel with your friends, and build lasting relationships and wealth.

When you’re bogged down with the stress of not knowing which step to take next or not knowing if you’re making good decisions, you risk wasting valuable time and shattering your confidence in the process.

Once I discovered which steps I needed to take, I stepped out in confidence and felt like I was truly making wise decisions for myself, my family, my career, and my finances.

4. I’ve Been in Your Shoes

Finally, I became a money and career coach because I’ve walked this exact path and understand the feeling of being stuck.

I landed a job right after college making $50,000 a year. At first, this sounded amazing! I was excited and showed up to my job with enthusiasm. However, it didn’t take me long (a couple of months) to realize that $50,000 a year was not taking me very far in a major metropolitan area.

On top of my paycheck barely covering my necessary monthly expenses (let alone being able to cover travel and feed my inner foodie), the job I worked so hard to land was leaving me feeling drained and unfulfilled.

Fast forward to 2020 when I found out I was pregnant with my first child! While I was extremely excited, I also felt paralyzed by the many decisions I needed to make within the next nine months, specifically regarding my money, finances, and career decisions.

I was very close to receiving a promotion and subsequent higher salary, but the new job was a traditional traveling consultant role. The timing of this career move was not going to mix well with the type of mother I envisioned being.

I felt so stuck on how to navigate the questions and decisions in front of me. I knew there were career coaches and money coaches out there, but no one who could help me look at my career and money holistically.

I realized professional millennial women needed someone to help them maneuver their money and career moves from an integrated perspective. We need someone to help us weigh the decisions we make in both areas so we can align our life goals and visions with our everyday money and career choices.

Feel Empowered by Your Money and Career Decisions

Since my transformational season back in 2020, I committed to focusing the majority of my time and energy on helping women just like me. I’ve created a unique coaching program where professional millennial women can access the support they need to perfectly align their money and career decisions with their goals and values to live a truly abundant life.

As a career and money coach for ambitious millennial women, I can help you navigate your career and wealth together. As a team, we will improve your relationship with money and align your money and career choices so you can experience your full potential. Don’t miss out on more valuable, engaging content to help you align your money choices with your career! Sign up for my newsletter and connect with me on Instagram today.

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